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Electrical Insulation Silicone Oil 1000cst

Electrical Insulation Silicone Oil 1000cst

Silicone oil CAS NO: 63148-62-9 used in electrical insulation, lubrication, shockproof moisture,Damping, heat carrier, hydraulic oil and so on.Used as paint and polish additives.

  • Features & Specification

                                                                   Silicone oil

    Product Description

    Chemical Name: Silicone oil

    CAS NO: 63148-62-9

    EINECS NO: 203-492-7

    Appearance: colorless transparent oily liquid

    Chemical Structure:



    1. Smoothness & softness & hydrophobicity & good chemical stability & insulation property.
    2. High and low temperature resistance & high flash point.
    3. Low freezing point (it can be chronically used in the temperature from -50℃ to +200 ℃). 
    4. Small viscosity-temperature coefficicent & big compression ratio & low surface tension.



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