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Silicone Fluid

Silicon fluid is Silicone oil generally refers to a linear polysiloxane product that remains liquid at room temperature ,which is a highly effective, anhydrous silicone based on polymethylhydrogensiloxane. Silicone oil is generally a colorless (or light yellow), odorless, non-toxic, non-volatile liquid. Silicone oils have excellent heat resistance, electrical insulation, weather resistance, hydrophobicity, physiological inertness, and low surface tension.
  • Silicone Oil

    Silicone Oil

    Main Chemical Composition Chemical name: Silicone oil Synonyms : Dow Corning BY 25-320 , Silicone oil Dow Corning Corporation 200(R) fluid CAS NO : 63148-62-9 Molecular Formula: C6H18OSi2 Molecular Weight: 162.3 8 EINECS NO: 203-492-7 Apppearance:Colorless transparent oily...

  • Methylhydrogen Silicone

    Methylhydrogen Silicone

    Methylhydrogen Silicone Main Chemical Composition Chemical name: Methylhydrogen Silicon e CAS NO: 63148-57-2 EINECS NO : 217-496-1 Molecular Formula: C7H22O2Si3 Characteristic The compounds contain silicon-hydrogen bonds (SiH), which may be released during storage ....

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