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CAS NO 2602-34-8

CAS NO 2602-34-8

Silane Coupling Agent KH-561 Main Chemical Composition 3-Glycidyloxypropyl)triethoxysilane Other name:γ-Glycidyloxypropyltriethoxysilane CAS NO: 2602-34-8 Typical Physical Properties Application 1. This product Mainly used in unsaturated polyester composite materials.

  • Features & Specification

                                                       Silane Coupling Agent KH-561

    Basic Information

    Chemcial Name:3-Glycidyloxypropyl)triethoxysilane

    Other name:γ-Glycidyloxypropyltriethoxysilane

    CAS NO: 2602-34-8

    Typical Physical Properties


    Colorless transparent liquid




    1.0040 ± 0.0050

    Refractive index(n 25℃)

    1.4270 ± 0.0050

    Molecular weight



    Soluble in water , alcohols, acetone and most aliphatic esters


    epoxide silane 200L iron barrel.jpg                       IBC-barrels.jpg

                 200L/Barrel                                                                     IBC Container

    When stored at or below 25℃ in the original sealed containers, this product has a usable life of 12 months from the date of production.After be opened,avoid exposure to atmospheric moistrure to prevent gelation.

    Our Company 

    Hangzhou Jessica Chemicals Co.,Ltd is founded nearly 10 years, the company founder has nearly 20 years of industry experience, who has worked for Compton Company which has a long history of world-renowned coupling agent company .

    Jessicachem has been devoting to the  R&D, manufacture and wholesale of  organofunctional silane coupling agent ,organic titanate coupling agent and aluminate acid ester coupling agent and other coupling agent series products.

    We also try our best to optimize our products that have performance advantages and are environmentally friendly.

    Factory Scan 

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    Producing Equipment

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    We offer professional and high-efficiency pre-sale and after-sale service.We warmly and sincerely reply that you consult the product and other related issues.We also provide R & D customized products for our clients. Try our best to meet customers requirements for product packaging and other aspects.

    Before trial order, we always provide samples for approval with qualified COA,TDS,MSDS.Before shipping,we strictly control the quality and keep stock sample for record and send the high quality products for our customers.We also timely informed the clients that goods transportation information, submit the document that clients need.We shall deliver the best logistic service according to the demands of each customer.

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