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CAS NO 14513-34-9

CAS NO 14513-34-9

The product can effectively improve the mechanical properties of glass fiber products (bending strength, tensile strength, etc.) and the matrix (a variety of resins, including thermosetting and thermoplastic, etc.) Which widely used as ink, paint additives, to make ink, coating film be more hardness and brightness; improve fiber coating adhesion.

  • Features & Specification




    5L/plastic barrel, 10L/plastic barrel

    25L/plastic barrel, 200L/PE plastic barrel, 1000L/ IBC barrel


    We can also provide other specifications according to your request packaging, please telling us in advance when ordering.

    1L&500ML&250ML&100ML(001).jpg 5L Plastic drum(001).jpg

                      Sample Package                                                              5L Package 


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