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Trimethoxy-N-octylsilane CAS NO 3069-40-7

Trimethoxy-N-octylsilane CAS NO 3069-40-7

Trimethoxy-n-octylsilane CAS NO 3069-40-7

  • Features & Specification

    Alkyl Silane coupling agent KH-581 

    Main Chemical Composition

    Chemical name: Trimethoxy-n-octylsilane

    CAS NO: 3069-40-7

    EINECS NO :221-338-7

    Typical Physical Properties


    Low viscosity colorless and clear transparent liquid

    Molecular formula


    Molecular weight


    Flash Point

    216 °F

    Boiling Point

    75 °C0.5 mm Hg(lit.)

    Density(ρ20,   g/cm3)

    0.907± 0.0050

    Refractive index(n 25℃)

    1.416 ± 0.0050


    1. The product can used as Architectural waterproofing agent, protective agent: KH-581 diluent for concrete, stone protection has a very good protective effect. It can form a dense water-repellent layer on the surface of substrate to restrain the infiltration of water, so as to effectively prevent seepage, sunshine, acid rain and seawater erosion to the substrate and prolong the service life of the building.

    2. Used as Inorganic filler surface treatment agent: This product can significantly improve the filler in plastic, rubber, resin dispersion and compatibility, applicable to most inorganic powder materials and plastics, rubber and resins.

    3. Pigment dispersant: The pigment processed has good dispersibility and hydrophobicity, not easy to settle.


    Sealed in container,keep the warehouse cool,dry and draughty.avoid dampness and water,away form fire and heat source.

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