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Distearoyl Isopropoxy Aluminate (solution Particle Size)

Distearoyl Isopropoxy Aluminate (solution Particle Size)

Distearoyl isopropoxy aluminate (solution particle size)

  • Features & Specification

    Aluminiumic acid easter coupling agent HY-988

    Chemical name:Distearoyl isopropoxy aluminate

    Physical Properties:


    White wax solid

    Melting time(   160℃)

    ≤5 min

    Melting point range(℃)


    Thermal decomposition temperature(℃)


    Activation temperature(℃)



    half lethal dose for little mouse LD50>2800mg/kg


    Application Field:

    Plastic product, rubber product, adhesive, glass steel product, paint, ink, factice, magnetic material, water-proof material, composite flame retardant and so on.


    Application Objects:

    1. Matrix resin: PE, PP, PS, PC, AS, ABS, PVC, SBS, polyester, polyether, polyamide, makrolon and thermoplastic, thermosetting resin and other elastomers.

    2. Inorganic fillers: CaCO3, MgCO3, BaSO4, CaSO4, MgO, Al(OH)3, talc powder, mica powder, lithopone, titanium dioxide, wollastonite ,pyrophyllite powder, Sepiolite powder, carbon black, argil, bentonite, aluminium metallurgy red mud, iron oxide red, chrome yellow, phthalocyanine

    blue, antimonous oxide, APP, zinc metaborate and so on.

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