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Why Coupling Agents Improve Filler Durability
Mar 31, 2018

First, the bonding interface forms a chemical bond or hydrogen bonding, making the interface more robust and stable.

Second, the coupling agent changes the binding properties of the epoxy resin and the filler and increases the cohesive strength of the adhesive layer, thereby forming a new interface between the epoxy adhesive and the adherend and the polysiloxane, preventing moisture and moisture. Permeate the interface and enhance the ability to resist environmental corrosion.

Furthermore, the coupling agent reacts with the epoxy resin and the adhered surface to form a chemical bond, which increases the adhesive force and improves the adhesive strength.

In addition, the coupling agent reduces the viscosity and surface tension of the epoxy adhesive system and improves the wettability to the adherend. The coupling agent has a certain selectivity, that is, not a coupling agent can be fully applied to any system, but needs to be matched, in addition to the choice of the reactivity of the organic functional group of the formulation with the epoxy resin, Consider the acidity and alkalinity of the system.