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What is the function of titanate coupling agent?
Dec 14, 2018

Due to the characteristics of six different functional areas in the molecular structure of titanate coupling agents, titanate coupling agents with different groups can be designed according to the needs of the paint industry to become specific or multi-functional coupling agents, which can be applied to coatings and inks with the following functions.

(1) Good dispersing and wetting function can obviously improve the dispersibility of most inorganic and organic pigments and fillers in organic base materials, especially for carbon black, phthalocyanine blue, iron red and medium chrome yellow.

(2) It has good anti-sinking performance and improves storage stability.

(3) It can help grinding, shorten the number and time of grinding, and the same grinding time can make the particle grinding finer.

(4) It can increase the adhesion of the paint film to the substrate, improve the adhesion of the paint film to various metals, glasses and inorganic materials, improve the abrasion resistance, improve the impact strength and increase the softness.

(5) It can obviously increase the dyeing strength and reflectivity of the paint, improve the gloss of the paint film and increase the coverage.

(6) It can produce flame retardant effect in fire retardant coatings.

(7) Anti-rust effect in anti-rust coatings

(8) It can reduce the viscosity of paint system and curing temperature of resin.

(9) It has good thixotropic properties and can improve the water repellency, wear resistance and washing resistance of the film.

(10) It has good anti-oxidation and anti-ultraviolet function.

(11) The mechanical properties, weatherability, salt spray resistance and yellowing resistance of the coating were significantly improved.

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