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Hydrolysis of siloxane
Jul 04, 2018

Views on the hydrolysis of organosiloxane

It The preparation of silicone resin is usually hydrolyzed by two or more than two monomers. No matter what kind of monomer, the process flow is the first monomer mixing, heating hydrolysis under the condition of adding acid or alkali, after the hydrolysis is good, the condensation of heating and dehydration, the separation of acid water, the prepolymer, washing prepolymer, drying and removing solvent to get the finished resin. It

The operation method used in hydrolysis has a decisive effect on the molecular structure and size of the Si - O - Si bond, especially when there are a variety of monomers with different degree of functional degree in the system. The ideal condition is to select proper hydrolysis conditions to make all the components of the monomer hydrolyzed simultaneously and can be condensed into a homogeneous polycondensation to obtain better and stable properties. However, in the actual experiment, the hydrolysis rate of each component of the hydrolysate is different, and some of the silanol molecules produced by the hydrolysis of monomers themselves have their own condensation into a circular low molecular weight, which can easily lead to the disorderly structure of each molecule in the hydrolysate and the wide range of molecular weight distribution. Although the hydrolysis intermediates are also condensed and balanced by condensation and polymerization before making the finished products, the molecular structure and molecular weight distribution may be adjusted and improved, but the composition of the intermediate products after hydrolysis is too large and inhomogeneity too high to pass the same time. After treatment, it is difficult to ensure the constant quality of the organosilicon resin in the final product. Therefore, the hydrolysis process is a very important link in the production of organosilicon resin, which should be paid enough attention. It

During the experiment, even when the monomers of the same formula are hydrolyzed, the hydrolysis conditions are different, for example, the hydrolysis reaction temperature or the pH value of the hydrolysate after neutralization will have a great effect on the composition of the condensed products.

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