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What Is Siloxane
Jun 21, 2018

Siloxane, molecular formula: (R2SiO) x, properties: containing Si - O - Si bond to form the main chain structure of the polymer. It is commonly known as organosilicon or polysiloxane, which can be linear, cyclic or cross-linked polymers. Siloxane is stable for heat and chemical reagents, not wetted by water, outstanding ageing resistance, excellent hydrophobicity and electrical insulation. Siloxane and polysiloxane can be hydrolyzed by organic halogenated silane. A colorless or light yellow transparent liquid with high boiling point and low solidification point, especially stable for thermal decomposition and water or oxidizing agent; it can be used as hydraulic oil, advanced lubricating oil, surface treatment agent and demulsifier, and can also be used as a waterproof agent for textiles, paper and many other substances. It is a good electrical insulator. Silicone rubber has the characteristics of electrical insulation, chemical stability, physiological inertia, and good elasticity in a wide range of temperature; it is used mainly for the manufacture of artificial organs needed in the rubber products and plastic surgery at high temperature or low temperature.

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