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Feb 09, 2018

1, for the manufacture of polyethylene cross-linked wire and cable insulation and sheathing material This product is cross-linked polyethylene important cross-linking agent, the cross-linking process and general peroxide cross-linking, radiation cross-linking, with Equipment is simple, less investment, easy to control, used in a wide range of polyethylene density, suitable for the production of fan-shaped cores of special shapes, and high extrusion speed characteristics. As silane cross-linked polyethylene has excellent electrical properties, good heat resistance and stress cracking resistance, it is widely used in the manufacture of wire, insulation and sheathing materials.

2, for the manufacture of cross-linked polyethylene heat-resistant pipes, hoses and films made from the cross-linked polyethylene crosslinking agent has good resistance to aromatics, oil, stress cracking, high mechanical strength, heat resistance Good, etc., can be used at 80 ℃ for 50 years. Can be used for long-distance oil pipelines, natural gas, gas pipeline anti-corrosion insulation outer layer and its accompanying anti-corrosion heat shrinkable sleeve fill material; can be used for residential water pipes and hot water pipes. This product can also be used for ethylene - vinyl acetate copolymer, chlorinated polyethylene, ethylene - ethyl acrylate copolymer crosslinking agent.

3, for impregnation treatment Glass fiber and inorganic silicon filler to improve the resin and glass fiber to improve the infiltration, adhesion, thereby effectively improve the mechanical strength and electrical properties of FRP and plastic laminates, in particular, wet mechanical strength and Electrical properties. Also significantly improved FRP weather resistance, water resistance, heat resistance, extending the life of products. In addition, the product is also given good electromagnetic wave permeability.

4, for the production of special coatings This product can be acrylic monomer copolymerization, made of special exterior paint, called Silicone C exterior paint. The coating has weatherability, dust resistance, scrub and many other features. Can be used for 20 years.

5, for special purpose modified polymer This product can be copolymerized with a variety of monomers (such as: ethylene, propylene, butylene, etc.), or with the corresponding resin graft polymerization, made of special purpose modified high poly Things.

6, composite adhesive accelerator This product is silicone rubber and metal, fabric bonding, such as a good accelerator.

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