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Upgraded Titanate Coupling Agent
Mar 31, 2018

Titanate coupling agent is a new type of interface material introduced in recent years. It can be coupled through the surface of pigments and fillers in coatings, and cross-linked with polymer base materials to combine two different kinds of substances. As a bridge. The coupling agent greatly outperforms the surfactant from the strength of the bond, the increase of the color, the degree of dispersion of the filler in the base, and the reduction of the interfacial free energy. Surfactants have a migration phenomenon, the appearance of gloss, appearance and adhesion, and the coupling agent can effectively change the interface state between no matter and organic matter, and improve the dispersion and anti-settling properties of the pigment and filler in the organic system. effective. Not only can shorten the grinding time, improve the dispersion efficiency of pigments, but also reduce the amount of solvent, make the viscosity of the system greatly reduced, increase the fluidity, improve the wettability of the substrate, improve the mechanical and chemical properties of the film, color Because it is adhesive to various substrates, it is also an adhesion promoter for substrates. And some varieties also have rust, flame retardant, engage in ultraviolet light, and other functions.

Coupling agent series can be widely used as a variety of coatings, ink dispersants, wetting agents, anti-settling agents, grinding aids, adhesion promoters, colorful agents, a large number of applications by a number of coatings, ink manufacturers, advantages Obviously, the effect is good and the cost performance is excellent. It is an ideal upgrade substitute product for traditional additives for paints and inks.