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Typical Silane Applications
May 04, 2018

Typical Silane Applications

  • Coupling Agent: Organosilanes are used to couple organic polymers to inorganic materials. Typical of this application are reinforcements, such as fberglass and mineral fllers, incorporated into plastics and rubbers.

  • Adhesion Promoter: Organosilanes are effective adhesion promoters when used as integral additives or primers for paints, inks, coatings, adhesives and sealants. As integral additives, they must migrate to the interface between
    the adhesive layer and the substrate to be effective. As a primer, the silane coupling agent is applied to the inorganic substrate before the product to be adhered is applied. By using the right organosilane, a poorly adhering paint, ink, coating, adhesive or sealant canbe converted to a material that will frequently maintain adhesion even if subjected to severe environmental conditions (e.g., high temperature, underwater immersion or UV radiation )

  • Dispersing/Hydrophobing Agent:  Organosilanes with hydrophobic organic groups attached to silicon will impart that same hydrophobic character to a hydrophilic inorganic surface. They are used as durable hydrophobing agents in concrete construction applications, including bridge and deck applications. They are also used to hydrophobe inorganic powders to make them freeflowing and dispersible in organic polymers and liquids. They also improve cure (by reducing catalyst inhibition) and electrical properties.

  • Crosslinking Agent: Organofunctional alkoxysilanes can react with organic polymers, resulting in a grafting of the
    trialkoxysilyl group onto the polymer backbone. The silane is then available to further react with moisture to crosslink the silane into a stable, three-dimensional siloxane structure. This mechanism can be used to crosslink polyethylene and other organic resins, such as acrylics and urethanes, to impart durability, water resistance and heat resistance to paints, coatings and adhesives.

  • Other Applications: Organosilanes are also used as water scavengers in moisture-sensitive formulations, as
    blocking agents in antibiotic synthesis, polypropylene catalyst “donors” and as silicate stabilizers