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Three Application Fields Of Silane Coupling Agents
Apr 05, 2018

In the industrial production field, silane coupling agents are generally applied in three aspects: surface treatment, filled plastics, and tackifiers.

If a silane coupling agent is used as a surface treatment, the adhesion of the glass fiber and the resin can be improved, and the strength of the glass fiber reinforced composite material can be greatly improved.

If used to fill plastics, the fillers may be pre-treated with a surface or directly added to the resin. It can improve the dispersion and adhesion of the filler in the resin, improve the compatibility between the inorganic filler and the resin, improve the process performance and improve the mechanical, electrical and weather resistance properties of the filled plastic (including rubber).

When a silane coupling agent is used as a tackifier, its adhesive strength, water resistance, weather resistance and the like can be improved.