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Silicone Coupling Agent In The Construction Industry
Apr 05, 2018

As a new type of material, silicone can increase the strength of building materials and the performance of structures. It can even bind many different materials together, such as concrete, glass, and plastics.

Silicone coupling agents can also protect the integrity of building structures and withstand the test of time. Silicone encapsulant's structural assembly materials and coatings have excellent resistance to heat, rheumatism, and chemicals. Even under extremely harsh climatic conditions, it can slow the erosion of buildings and building materials. Silicone meets these requirements by increasing the strength of the material and giving it a high degree of design flexibility. For example, the silicone coupling agent and the assembly material can make the insulating glass plate have better heat resistance, ultraviolet resistance and anti-seismic properties, so that it can achieve sufficient strength for use in large-scale building structures.