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Silicone Applied To New Energy Vehicles
Aug 31, 2018

          Silicone Applied toNew Energy Vehicles

Silicone materials are widely used in the bonding and sealing of components in electronic appliances to effectively isolate external environmental pollutants, while ensuring that components can maintain their physical and environmental properties under various ambient temperatures, humidity and other harsh environments.


Silicones brings a wealth of technical support and solutions to these challenges. For example, adhesives for bonding applications (ESA series), gels for electronic potting (ESA series), styrofoam (RT Foam series) and products for sealing, gasketing and conformal coatings CAF (RTV-1). The most common applications for electric vehicles are battery packs, power modules, PTC heaters, inverters, power engines, and sensors.

Which also be used in thermally conductive silicone adhesive and thermal silica gel sealant.

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