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Silane Coupling Agent Research Trends
Feb 02, 2018

Commonly used silane coupling agents are trialkoxy type, but trialkoxy type coupling agents are likely to reduce the stability of the matrix resin. Therefore, the research and application of dialkoxy type coupling agents are valued.

The synthesis of polymers with active silane groups is also one of the development directions for silane coupling agents. Such coupling agents have better compatibility with the resins in the adhesive and form a uniform surface on the adherend, and thus Has a better bonding effect.

Peroxysilane is also a study of the beginning of a coupling agent, which is characterized by the heat under the action of the coupling agent decomposition of free radicals can be cross-linked with the vinyl polymer, thereby promoting the adhesion of vinyl polymers Pick up

A newly developed silane coupling agent is an important application for the production of water-crosslinked polyethylene, the process developed by the Dow Corning Corporation, has been commercialized, has been in the domestic use of silicone emulsion wool fabric test, The use of a silane coupling agent in combination with a silicone emulsion has been found to improve the wearability of woolen fabrics.