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Silane Coupling Agent For Inorganic Fire Retadants
Apr 08, 2018

 Silane Coupling Agent for Inorganic Fire Retadants

 The inorganic fire retardant is prepared by mxing modified brucite and modified aluminum hydroxide. 

The preparation method comprises the following steps: subjecting brucite to ultrafine grinding, then adding a silane coupling agent KH-550 and an ultra-dispersion coupling modifier  into the obtained ore pulp, carrying out a stirring reaction for 30 to 60 min and then carrying out filtering and drying, wherein the modified aluminum hydroxide is prepared by modifying aluminum hydroxide with a silane coupling agent KH--172 in a dry process. The method can improve interaction between the inorganic fire retardant and resin; and the inorganic fire retardant is extensively applied to fields like low-smoke low-halogen plastics and smokeless halogen-free plastics