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Silane Coupling Agent Applications
Jan 27, 2018

Surface treatment

Can improve the bonding performance of glass fiber and resin, and greatly improve the strength, electrical, water resistance and weather resistance of the glass fiber reinforced composite material, and improve the mechanical property of the composite material even in a wet state, and the effect is also remarkable . The use of silane coupling agents in glass fibers has become quite common. Silane coupling agents for use in this aspect account for about 50% of their total consumption, of which the more widely used are vinylsilanes, aminosilanes, methyl Acryloxysilane and the like.

Fill plastic

Pre-filler surface treatment can also be directly added to the resin. Can improve the dispersion of the filler in the resin and adhesion, improve the compatibility between the inorganic filler and the resin, improve the process performance and improve mechanical, electrical and weather resistance properties of the filled plastic (including rubber).

Used as sealants, adhesives and coatings tackifier

Can improve their bonding strength, water resistance, weather resistance and other properties. Silane coupling agents often solve the longstanding problem of sticking to certain materials. The principle of action of a silane coupling agent as a thickener is that it has two groups per se; one group can be bonded to the matrix material to be bonded; and the other group can be combined with a polymer material or a binder , Thus forming a strong chemical bond in the bonding interface, greatly improving the bonding strength. Silane coupling agent in general there are three ways: First, as the surface treatment of skeletal material; the second is added to the adhesive, the third is directly added to the polymer material. From the perspective of giving full play to its effectiveness and reducing costs, the first two methods are better.