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How To Use Silane Coupling Agent Correctly
Dec 14, 2018

Here are some specific applications for your reference:

(1) Pre-treatment filling method: the filler is put into the solid mixer (HENSHEL or V-type solid mixer of high-speed solid mixer), and the silane solution is sprayed directly on the filler and stirred. The higher the rotating speed, the better the dispersion effect. Generally, mixing in 10-30 minutes (the slower the speed, the longer the time), the filler should be dried at 120 ("2 hours") after treatment.

(2) Silane coupling agent aqueous solution (glass fiber surface treatment agent): glass fiber surface treatment agent often contains: film-forming agent, antistatic agent, surfactant, coupling agent, water. The amount of coupling agent is generally 0.3%-2% of the total amount of glass fiber surface treatment agent. Five times of water solution is first adjusted to a certain value with organic acid or salt, and under full stirring, silane is added until transparent, and then the remaining components are added. For insoluble silane, isopropanol can be used as solubilizer. In the process of drawing, the glass fiber surface treatment agent is dried on the glass fiber, and the solvent and water can be removed.

(3) Bottom surface method: 5% - 20% silane coupling agent solution with the above mentioned, through coating, brushing, spraying, impregnation treatment of the substrate surface, take out room temperature drying for 24 hours, preferably baking at 120 C for 15 minutes

(4) Direct addition method: Silane can also be directly added into the mixture of "filler/resin". When the resin and filler are mixed, silane can be directly sprayed into the mixture. The amount of coupling agent is generally 0.1%-2% of the filler content (determined by the filler diameter size). Then the resin/filler with silane is modeled (extrusion, injection, coating, etc.).

Approximate packing diameters and the ratio of silane to silane are as follows:

The filler size and the proportion of silane used are roughly as follows:

60 meshes 0.1%, 100 meshes 0.25%, 200 meshes 0.5%, 300 meshes 0.75%, 400 meshes 1.0%, more than 500 meshes 1.5%.

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