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How Silanes Work?
Mar 16, 2018


Silanes are 2 step Reaction Chemical which most of them are monomer. When store under inert gas (N2), Silanes will be non-reactive monomer in form of FG-Si-OR which -R or Akyl is non-reactive group .
However, Silanes can be hydrolyzed by moisture which -Si–OR will be changed to -Si- OH called Silanol” group and be ready to react or bond to the substrates or the fillers . The change of –Si-OR to -Si-OH is called “Hydrolysis” which is the 1st step of silane reaction .


2nd step of the reaction is “Condensation”. After Hydrolysis , Silane contains “Silanol” group or Si-OH which is very reactive and ready to bond to substrates or fillers. This bonding step is called “Condensation” which is function of adhesion promoter to the substrates or coupling/dispersing agent to the fillers .

silane 2.JPG