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Coupling Agent Dosage
Apr 21, 2018

The amount of organosilane coupling agent

The amount of organosilane coupling agent is related to the type of organosilane coupling agent and the specific surface area of the filler. The amount of organosilane coupling agent can be calculated by the following formula.


Where: G—the amount of organosilane coupling agent (g)

Amount of filler (g)

A-filler specific surface area (m':'g)

Minimum coating area of silicone coupling agent B-1 (mz/g)

The minimum package area of the organosilane coupling agent is the tomb material or filler covered by the Ig organosilane coupling agent precipitated from the solution. Different organosilane coupling agents have different minimum cladding areas.

If the minimum taxable area of the organosilane coupling agent and the specific surface area of the filler are unclear, the substrate or filler is first treated with an organic-valued alkyl coupling agent of 1 percent by weight of the filler, and then the concentration is changed to obtain the experimental method. Take the appropriate amount. The amount of organic brick alkyl coupling agent is generally 0.1 -2% of the weight of the substrate or filler.

1 Use of organosilane coupling agent

There are three ways to use the organic silane coupling agent:

(1) Surface-priming method: Coating inorganic filler surfaces with solutions containing organic silane coupling agents, such as glass, plastic, or metal surfaces, all fall into this category.

(2) The organosilane coupling agent is a so-called bulk blending method.

(3) The stick is legal, that is, the combination of the above two methods. The so-called finishing method. It is surface treatment with a special aqueous solution containing organic silane coupling agents and often different types of additives. This sort of finishing can be done directly after the glass fiber is manufactured.

2 Application of organosilane coupling agent

The inorganic filler is treated with an organosilane coupling agent to modify it. The specific operation is as follows:

Take of organic silane coupling agent by weight of inorganic filler, and mix and disperse a given amount of inorganic filler to be processed with 2-5 times alcohol aqueous solution (water r = 1/9). The stirring is started, and the prepared organic silane coupling agent alcohol aqueous solution is added to the human occlusal machine within a few minutes under the chamber a. The stirring is continued for 5-10 mm, and the mixture is fully mixed. The temperature of the mixer is increased to 100-150°C at a certain rate. Mix and stir 30--60mh again. Then drop to the room to be used for selection.