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The Application of Organic Silane
Dec 22, 2017

The Application of Organic Silane

Application Object

Plastic products, Rubber products, Adhesive, Coating,Printing ink,

Magnetic materials, foundry, syntheysis of amino silicon oil ect..

Application Industry

1.Resin: phenolic resin, furfuran , urea-formaldehyde, nlyon,

unsaturated polyester, polyurethane, alkyd-resin, acrylic resin,

butadiene-styrene, neoprene, nitrile ruber(NBR), natural rubber,

ethylen propylene rubber, PP, PER, EPDM, SBS ect..

2. Filler: silica, glass fiber, talcum powder, mica, kaolin clay, clay,

wollastonite, Al(OH)3, Mg(OH)2, metal and its oxide ect..


Improve the compatibility between inorganic filler and resin,

Improve the physical mechanical properties,

thermal properties, electric performance and water resistance

Reduce the production cost


Making the silane coupling agent a certern concentration solution

(0.5-2.5%) by using the water, alcohol,acetone or its mixtures as a

solvent to handle the filler.

Treatment with powder materials: direction immersion or add directly

when high speed stirring

Treatment with fiber materials: permeating the fiber among silane

coupling agent solution, then dry at certain temperatures.


1. Adding the appropriate acid and base or buffering agent to modify

the pH value in the silane solution, and then control the hydrolytic rate

and the time of steady.

2.Control the impurity which could influence the condensation,

cross-linking. Or adding appropriate amout catalyzer to modify the

reaction of condensation or cross-linking.

3. Surface treatment control: control suitable treatment time and

drying temperature to ensure the reaction completely.

4. Storage should pay attention to away from light, prevent moisture

and heat insulation.