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The Appication of Aluminum/Titanium coupler
Dec 22, 2017

The Appication of Aluminum/Titanium coupler

Application Industry

Plastic products, Rubber products, Adhesive, Coating,

Printing ink, Magnetic materials, glass fiber ect..

Application Object

1.Carrier resin:PP,PE,PVC,SAN.AS,SBS,ABS ect.. thermosets and termoplastic resin

2. Inorganic filler: CaCO3, SiO2,BaSO4,Taic powder, clay, mica ect..


Improve the compatibility between inorganic filler and resin,

Improve the flowing ability,

Increase filler level,

Enhance the mechinical performance,

Improve the product suface finish,

Save the production cost


Pre-conditioning method: Mix the titanate couling agent and filler

to make active filler, then mixed and processed with resin,

other additives.

Add directly method: Mixed and processed together of all the

comounding agent and resin,however it should control the material

temperature lower than the decomposition temperature of the

coupling agent. Meanwhile, note the charging order, to avoid other

additives react with coupling agent which will lowering the effective

of its coupling.

Level of additition

Dosage used is 0.1-1.0% of inorganic filler,

The optimal dosage, pls according to the real experiment.


1.Most of titanate coupling agent is easy hydrolysis, so water jealous.

2. If the ingredients of which contain active componet, it should charge-in

after the pretreatment of filler, to avoid reducing the coupling effective.

3.The titanate coupling agent is easy to produce different degree

exchange reaction with polyester, ester plasticizer.

Therefore, try to avoid use them at the same time.

( Stuitable to use the pre-conditioning method in this case).

4. The titanate coupling agent use with the siliane coupling agent,

has the synergim action. So to avoid the two compete for the proton,

it should adding the siliane coupling agent firstly.

5. Storage should pay attention to away from light, prevent moisture

and heat insulation.

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