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Application Of Silane Coupling Agent
Nov 07, 2018

Use of coupling agent: The main methods of using silane coupling agent are surface pretreatment and direct addition. The former is to treat the surface of filler with diluted coupling agent. The latter is to add the original solution of coupling agent when resin and filler are premixed. The solution of silane coupling agent is propitious to the dispersion of silane coupling agent on the surface of material. The solvent is: Solutions made of water and alcohol are generally silane (20%), alcohol (72%), water (8%), alcohol (p-ethoxysilane), methanol (p-methoxysilane) and isopropanol (silane that is insoluble in ethanol and methanol); because the hydrolysis rate of silane is related to the pH value, neutral is the slowest, partial acid and partial alkali are faster, so the hydrolysis rate of silane is faster. In general, it is necessary to adjust the PH value of the solution. In addition to aminosilane, a small amount of acetic acid can be added to other silanes to adjust the PH value to 4-5. Amino silanes need not be adjusted because of their alkalinity. Because silanes can not survive for a long time after hydrolysis, it is better to mix them now and use them up in an hour.

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