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Additives Used In Plastics
Mar 23, 2018

Why are Additives added to Polymers?

Three Functional Classes for Additives:

1) Additives which are essential to fabrication of parts

2) Those which improve properties

3) Those which correct problems caused by the other additives !

Example of Additives used in Plastics

Mineral Reinforcement/Fillers: improve stiffness, surface hardness, cost reduction

Dyes and Pigments: color & appearance

Antioxidants & stabilizers: delay/prevent oxidation during processing/application

UV Stabilizers: interfere with light-induced degradation, weathering

Blowing Agents: production of foams, weight reduction

Lubricants: improvement in processing, release properties

Coupling Agents: impart compatibility between polymer & additives

Antistats/Conductives: prevent electrostatic discharge, improve conductivity

Antimicrobials: prevent microbiological attack and property degradation

Impact Modifiers: enhance toughness of material to impact

Optical Brighteners: enhance appearance, off-set yellow color

Flame Retardants: prevent ignition & flame spread, prolong escape time