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Coupling Agents for Adhesives &Sealants

The use of silanes within the adhesives and sealants industry helped to replace sophisticated and expensive processes such as screwing, welding or riveting by adhesives or sealants.

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2(001).jpgCoupling Agent for Plastic & Rubber Industry

Coupling agents are able to positively influence the processing properties of your system as well as its mechanical and aesthetical properties,ultimately, the quality of your final product.

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3(001).jpgCoupling agent for Coatings & Paints

Coupling agent as an coatings additives improve product properties and eliminate or reduce problems occurring during formulating paint systems, thus optimizing production processes.It also help you meet the challenges typically

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4(001).jpgCoupling Agent for Cable Materials

Coupling agent can be added to improve the integrity, filling.It is also used to improve the electrical properties of cable materials, on the other hand, the coupling agent in low smoke zero halogen flame retardant cable to improve the magnesium hydroxide

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5.jpgCoupling Agent for Casting Resin

Casting resin is generally means phenolic resin and furan resin, usually with amino-containing silane coupling agent to deal with the surface treatment of coated sand with high strength, the key is that the coupling agent of the resin and special intergranular fracture mode changed from attachment fracture to cohesive fracture

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6(001).jpgCoupling Agents for Surface Treatment

Coupling agent used for the glass fiber surface treatment to improve the glass fiber and resin matrix interface adhesion, get a good interface layer, to achieve the optimization of the interface.

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7(001).jpgCoupling Agents for Acrylic Emulsion

Copolymerization of acrylic monomers and acrylic acid esters and methacrylic acid esters with double bonds to form modified acrylic acid 

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8(001).jpgCoupling Agents for Masterbatch

Coupling agent used in PP, PE, pigment powder filled with calcium carbonate talc, powder to producing the masterbatch,which can improve the binding between the resin

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